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Adaptation to Voice Recordings

Adaptation is the art of being able to shorten or lengthen a translation to match the original audio length. No translated sentence has the same length as the original. French, for example, is about 20 to 30% longer than English.

If a speaker were to attempt to record the translated French text displayed below, matching the time the English text is heard, he or she would have to speak so fast that no one would be able to understand the French audio.

Furthermore, people speak differently than they write. Most languages use a different style for written text as compared to spoken text. World Translation Center uses experienced audio translators who are familiar with audio recordings and who will make your project sound as if it originated in that language. Our audio translators understand the importance of keeping the translated text as short or as long as the original so that it can easily be recorded in the time available.

Sync points:
Instructional videos often have sync points and/or screen text appearing at a certain time. At that same time, the translation needs to match or, otherwise, be rephrased to match the video so that the new recording can be heard at the same time such sync points or screen text appear.

Translated text below show that rephrasing is needed to:

  • Shorten the text and
  • To match the sync points

Original English

Translated Text

Both Mini-change receptacles and cord sets can be specified with stainless steel shells. In 2 pole thru 6 pole, gray nylon shells and coupling nuts are also available.

Sur demande, les embases et les cordons amovibles Mini-Change peuvent être équipés d’un boîtier en acier inoxydable. Des boîtiers en nylon gris et des écrous d’accouplement sont également disponibles pour les modèles 2 à 6 broches.

Translated Text shows that the sync point matches the original English text

Original English

Translated Text

With your other hand, slowly turn the white pen body several times in the direction of the arrows until you see a “2” in the window and hear a click.

Draai die pen se wit buis verskeie kere stadig met die ander hand in die rigting van die pyltjies totdat u ’n “2” in die venster sien en ’n klik hoor.

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