World Translation Center is a leading provider of language translation and voice recording services using professionals located around the world.

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentation Translation and Recording

Foreign Language PowerPoint Presentations

World Translation Center can translate any PowerPoint file into any language.

A PowerPoint file contains various text boxes and notes pages. Since words in other languages have different length, PowerPoint files have to be slightly reformatted to make longer text fit into the text boxes. Either text boxes are made bigger or the font is decreased. The end result is that the translated PowerPoint file looks like it originated in the country of the new language. The translation can be delivered as .ppt or .pptx or as PDF file.

Notes pages are the instructions for the PowerPoint presenter. If the translated new file is in a language the presenter cannot read or speak, the notes pages can be recorded with a professional voice and either delivered as slide1.wav, 2slide.wav etc. The PowerPoint slides can also be matched with the recording of the notes pages to create a new video.

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