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Recording Procedures

Foreign Language Recording Procedures

A World Translation Center Project Manager will review the recording script and make sure that all questions with regards to pronunciation are answered.

If a question comes up during the session the speaker will record an alternate paragraph or prompt. Speakers are available for re-records and additional projects.

All studios are fully digital, with digital headroom: -1,0 dB digital, equipped with the best microphones like Neumann U87 or TLM 170. The studios are acoustically clean and dry. No room echo will be heard.

The director coaches the speaker or speakers during the recording session, tweaks the script if further necessary and accepts responsibility for the production.

Following recording, the studio engineer edits and masters all files. If changes were made to the script during the recording, a revised script will be sent to the client.

World Translation Center can mix the new recording with the music and screen text or deliver the newly recorded audio file or files as wav or aif for mixing in-house. Individual wav files will be cut and named as per the client’s specifications.

Individual wav files are verified against the script to assure that all file are correct.

A final technical product check is performed by another studio to verify quality and client-specific technical specifications.

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