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Happy New Year!
Our resolutions to our clients
Communicate in any language
Funny translations
  Happy New Year!
It is that time again…the close of 2017, the start of a new year; a new year that will bring new projects, new opportunities, certainly new successes, and many reasons to be thankful.

As 2017 is coming to an end, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support throughout this year. What a wonderful, interesting and challenging year 2017 has been and it is all thanks to our loyal customers and supporters.

It is also time to let you know that we will continue to keep our resolution to our clients:

- We will be honest with our deadlines and your expectancies.

- We will return your phone calls promptly if we were not able to answer you.

- We will respond to your emails quickly.

- We will update you on your project throughout the process.

- We will deliver on time.

- We will always try to make rush projects happen.

- We will listen to your instructions and follow them.

- We will review your projects closely.

Mark Twain quoted: If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.

  Hygge (pronounced ‘hooga’)
The year is drawing to a close and in Denmark the days are getting shorter and darker.

It is time to sit around a fireplace, light a candle, drink some hot chocolate, tea or gløgg, a mulled wine, and eat the famous Danish æbleskiver, a fried pastry and visit with friends and family. The Danes have a word for all this, it is called ‘hygge’.

For many years, Denmark was ranked the world’s happiest country. Is ‘hygge’ maybe the reason why the Danes are such happy people? The word ‘hygge’ was created to survive the cold and dark days of winter and to survive the boredom of the time you spend indoors. To continue a happy life during the winter months, the Danes created rituals in their daily life to look forward to, like brewing a special cup of tea, preparing that famous fried pastry, getting out the good china, inviting friends. Everything is done to create that special coziness that breaks up the day and that makes you look forward to the dark days of winter.

‘Hygge’ was shortlisted by the Oxford Dictionary in 2016 as one of its Words of the Year. Yet it is a word that does not exist in English. There are several words that can be used to describe it: coziness, comfort, being content, being safe… ‘hygge’ simply creates a warm atmosphere.

  Maybe ‘hygge’ is the reason why the Danes are such happy people, they enjoy the simple ways of life.

‘Hygge’ exists throughout the year. In summer, hygge means having a picnic, going to the park for a concert. However, Christmas is the high season of ‘hygge’.

Enjoy some hygge this winter season!

Communicate in any language
If you want to communicate with clients in other countries, you need to be able to speak their language. Fluency in a foreign language cannot be accomplished in a short period of time. If you don’t have an employee who can help converse with your new client, it’s time to get World Translation Center involved to help with every aspect of localization.

In addition, keep in mind that there are many consumers in the United States that might be reached in a language other than English. Having your marketing materials, brochures, videos and website translated might well give you an advantage over competitors.

Is 2018 the year for you to expand your business to other countries?

Projects in 2017 worth mentioning:
Besides the many translation, recording, subtitling and desktop publishing projects we have completed this year, the list below shows a variety of not-so-ordinary projects:

  • One of our voice talents from Spain was awarded best voice over talent in the category ‘Best Spanish Voice Over’ in the 2017 Voice Arts Awards
  • Completed programming notes for IVR systems in Tagalog, Hebrew and Polish
  • Created English and German subtitles for Rooster Teeth’s “Day 5” drama series
  • Recording commercials for a toy store, a fast food restaurant and for an electrical power company
  • Translation and recording of relaxation exercises in Japanese
  • Hmong recording for the Minnesota Rapid Response
  • Subtitling Indonesian testimonials into English
  • Translation and recording of a telephone system for a U.S. State
  • Recording in Arabic for Microsoft Corporation
  • Convert a Word document into an ePub file for use with Kindle and Amazon
  • Conference interpreting in Rome, Italy, for the gambling industry
  • Hep C Awareness video into Marshallese
  • Transcribing Austrian German testimonials into German and translating to English for subtitling
Real world signs that were
NOT translated by
World Translation Center:

- In a Danish airline ticket office:
”We take your bags and send them in all directions.“

- Outside a Chinese tailor shop:
”Ladies may have a fit upstairs.“

- On the menu of a 4-star restaurant in Europe:
”Our wines leave you nothing to hope for.“

- Two signs at a non-disclosed mall entrance:
”English well talking.“
”Here speeching American.“

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