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Thanksgiving 2017


Rush projects are common in any industry, but in the translation industry maybe more than in others. While it takes days or months to agree on the actual final text and sign off on it in the source language, it is not realistic to expect that any translator can do their best work under the pressure of a rush deadline to translate the same within a short period of time. So, why not use several translators to work on the same project and complete it within the given deadline? Let me explain…

Every person has a distinctive and unique language, a specific pattern of speech that includes vocabulary, grammar, punctuation as well as pronunciation. This unique way of speaking and writing is called ‘idiolect’. Idiolect should not be confused with ‘dialect’ which shares language characteristics among a specific geographical area.

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Context, Context, Context

Why translators need detailed information:

Many of our translation and recording projects are for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems. These systems contain sentence fragments that, once recorded, are combined by the computer to form a grammatically properly structured sentence. As a base, these IVR systems are in English. Translating a sentence fragment can be very tricky if the full sentence is not available or if the client cannot send us the flowchart that shows how everything is structured.

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Sync Point in Videos

Translation and recording of videos from English into other languages can become challenging as English uses fewer words than most other languages. The translated text must be short so that recordings can match the length of the English language video. That process often requires rephrasing or paraphrasing to get it just right.

If the purpose of the video is to explain a product or to instruct the viewer to follow a certain process, that can be even trickier. The translated text must be as short as the English and must also follow the instructions as seen on the video.

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An International Accent

A large beverage company in Atlanta, GA with affiliates around the world recently asked us to find a voice talent for a commercial with a neutral international accent which would not be identified or associated with any specific country.

We eliminated voice talents from countries where accents can easily be identified, like Germany, France, Italy and Spain and concentrated on languages in countries where people are taught English early on and therefore have less of an accent.

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Nobody likes the idea of wasting money on something that we can get for free or that we can do ourselves. Would you pack your own boxes when moving or would you hire somebody? Would you ask a friend with a trailer for help when moving or immediately hire professional movers? Even if money is no object, most people will try to save some money first.

Why would you not want to save money when it comes to translation?

Many people believe that those who grew up speaking a different language, are from a different country, or spend time in a different country and speak that language, are capable of translating anything. Why not ask that polyglot friend for help in translating your document? Even if you do not want the help of a friend, that friend, secretary, spouse or family member might insist that they can translate for you for free. It is worth a try, right?

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The English Language

English is the official primary language of many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

It is also a recognized language in many countries like Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Puerto Rico, and the list goes on.

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Most Translated Songs

There are some songs that have had enough of an impact on people around the world to be translated into many languages. “It’s a Small World” started as a theme song composed by the Sherman Brothers in 1963 for Walt Disney when he was looking for a theme song for the attraction “the happiest cruise that ever sailed”. Walt wanted a song that could be played as a round song and easily translated into many languages. This song has been argued to be the single most performed and most widely translated song on earth.

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An unbelievable conversation in 15 different languages:

A translator is a professional who has studied at least one other language to achieve perfection. We often struggle with the second language we learned in school and only manage a basic conversation in that language. Can you imagine somebody being able to speak more than 30 languages?

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German Orthography Changes

To keep up with new developments in the over 150 languages we offer, we need to rely on our translators to be top professionals in their trade and to make sure that they are always informed when reforms to their language occur.

The Council for German Orthography recently published revised German writing rules. This year, the change was made to the German Eszett, a letter that only appears in German and looks like this: ß. ‘Eszett’ stands for the two letters ‘s’ and ‘z’.

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