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Thanksgiving Around the World

In the United States, there was a celebration in 1621 by the Pilgrims in New England sharing a feast with their Native American neighbors, who had made it possible for them to survive the harsh wilderness. Thanksgiving was lost for many years, until President Lincoln made it a national holiday to be held the last Thursday in November in 1863.

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Bless You

“Bless you” or “God bless you” is something people automatically say when they hear somebody sneeze. This practice dates back to at least AD 77. Some people suggest that it came from the folk belief that a person’s soul could be thrown from their body when they sneeze, thus opening to an invasion by the devil or evil spirits. In this case, “bless you” is a type of shield against evil. Other people have suggested that in the past people thought the heart stopped beating during a sneeze, and thus “bless you” encourages the heart to keep beating.

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Happy Halloween

Elves and Their Destruction

Huldufólk, the hidden people, are said to be a type of elves that live in Iceland who are our size, wear grey clothes, and have black hair. They inhabit rocks or use them as chapels. These rocks are not supposed to be moved or otherwise messed with, or the elves will be disturbed and will show their displeasure.

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Pet Names

Are you looking for something new to call your loved one? Here are some ideas from around the world:

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Strange Laws

Getting ready to travel somewhere? Make sure you check up on international laws because some laws you might not believe are real.

  1. Vicks inhalers are forbidden in Japan due to strict anti-stimulant drug laws.
  2. It is forbidden to eat or drink on church steps or near other public buildings in Italy.
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September 19th is “Talk like a Pirate” day. The holiday was created in 1995 by John Baur (“Ol’ Chumbucket”) and Mark Summers (“Cap’n Slappy”), but didn’t receive media attention until humor columnist Dave Berry shed light on it. Today it’s celebrated around the world.

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A Messy Tomato Food Fight

An abundance of tomatoes turns into a food fight festival in Spain every year. The event is called “La Tomatina.”
It has been so successful that there the city of Buñol is now selling tickets to this event and only letting 20,000 people join in the fun that will last just one hour. The cleanup process involves the city cleaning the street with firetrucks using water from an ancient Roman aqueduct which, due to the acidity in the tomatoes, leaves the streets very clean. The messy fighters go to the nearby river to clean themselves. Some residents stand by with a hose in hand to rinse passing fighters off.

Take a look at this messy fun:

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Awesome Foreign Words Related to Food That Don’t Exist in English, but Should

There are many words related to food in every language. There are some useful (and some not so useful) words, that don’t exist in English. In Japanese, for example, there’s a word that means eating yourself into bankruptcy, kuidaore. This word is closely related to a Georgian word, shemomedjamo, which means you keep eating, even though you’re full, because the food is so delicious. The word literally means ‘I accidentally ate the whole thing.’ I’m sure many people could use that word during Thanksgiving.

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