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Using Music to Build
Bridges Between Cultures

Our music blog features music from around the world, traditional music, modern music, singer and
instrumental, as well as some interesting facts about the different musicians, countries and cultures.

The Dosti Music Project

The Dosti Music Project is collaboration of musicians from India, Pakistan and the United States. The project was formed by the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan in an effort to unite people through music. Dosti means “friendship” in both Urdu and Hindi.

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Rodrigo y Gabriela

The acoustic guitar duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela, are musicians hailing from Mexico City, where they met at the young age of 15. Several years later the two picked up and moved to Ireland to pursue their music careers. They had a humble start, playing covers in pubs throughout Dublin.

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Il Volo

Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone, and Ignazio Boschetto make up the pop-opera trio Il Volo. Their name Il Volo is Italian for “The Flight”. Their genre of music is pop with some operatic elements and they are signing in one of the world’s most beautiful languages, Italian.

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Music of the Mind

A collaborative project, ten years in the making, is giving violinist Rosemary Johnson a chance to make music again. The scientists involved in the project, led by Plymouth University and the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in London, have created a technology, Brain Computer Music Interfacing software. Thanks to the cutting edge technology Rosemary is now able to play using the power of her mind.

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“Hello” Mash-up

Yet another beautiful rendition of Adele’s “Hello” has surfaced. This one by an up-and-coming Palestinian singer, Noel Kharman. The mash-up has her singing the British singer’s hit single “Hello” with a popular Arabic song “Kifak Enta” by Fairuz. Kifak enta translates to “How are you?” in English. The lyrics fit seamlessly together “Hello, How are you?”.  Noel Kharman nails her performance and already has close to 6 million views on YouTube.


Skoove, Interactive Piano Lessons

Skoove Turns Browsers Into Brahms With Its Truly Interactive Piano Lessons

Fun, Intuitive Music Learning Web App Now Offers Premium Monthly Subscription

Berlin, Germany – 19th November, 2015 – Today marks the launch of Skoove, the music learning platform offering the world’s first interactive piano lessons. After a successful two-month public beta, Skoove’s full program of lessons is now available for monthly subscription at £6.95 for Skoove Premium.

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Adele’s “Hello” in Spanglish

Former American Idol contestant, Karen Rodriguez, is singing a rare edition of Adele’s “Hello”. Rodriguez gives a version sung half in Spanish and half in English. There have been other Spanish versions of Adele’s powerful hit “Hello”, but never a bilingual version.

Karen Rodriguez has recorded other hit songs in Spanglish as well, such as Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. She also sang an English interpretation of Enrique Iglesias’ “El Perdón”. While Rodriguez’s version of “Hello” likely won’t be as successful as Adele’s original, it is beautiful and unique. Check it out above.

Salut Salon: A Different Kind of Quartet

Be prepared to be amazed! Salut Salon is a very different kind of quartet. They talk to each other with their instruments and show emotions and humor. It is mesmerizing! This quartet adds instrumental acrobatics when performing.

“Salut Salon” roughly translates to “Hi, Living Room.” Salut comes from their very first repertoire called “Salut d‘amour” and “Salon” because that is where it all started, in their living room.

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Jun Hong Loh

See Jun Hong Loh perform Beethoven’s Sonata No. 5 in the clip above from the Singapore Violin Competition 2015

Earlier this month, Jun Hong Loh claimed first place at the Gisborne International Music Festival in New Zealand. The 25 year-old violinist from Singapore received a cash prize of $9000, as well as a solo engagement with Orchestra Wellington. One of the jurors at the December 5th competition referred to Hong’s piece as “poetic and soulful”.

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The Safest Driving Song

Psychologist Simon Moore collaborated with professional musicians to create the world’s safest driving song. The song “Safe in Sound” mimics the tempo of the human heart rate. The song is purely instrumental and contains no words.

In a recent survey, drivers admitted that the music they listen to has an influence on their driving, some even saying that they have had an accident in which the music they were playing was a contributing factor.

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