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What Our Clients Say About World Translation Center

In case I haven’t told you lately – I really, truly appreciate all your good work with this project. You have been outstanding!


Thanks again. You and your team are great to work with. I’m sure our company will use you in the future if I have anything to say about it. Lots of languages to come!


Thank you…everything worked out great…I am very satisfied with your service. I will be sure to call on you again when the need arises.


We have reviewed the German and listened for the key acronyms and confirm that all was well timed and voiced appropriately. We appreciate that you were able to get this completed before the weekend and were able to do this at the professional level that it needed to be.

We submitted a total of 11 languages and every one of them was outstanding. We are very pleased with the quality of the translations and the voiceovers.

As this is our first venture together we appreciate that you, your team and your voiceover talent were able to work within our budget and on time. Two things that all clients are happy to hear.


We apppreciate your cooperation in keeping the cost down and helping us to stay within budget.


Your company really does a good job from start to finish and that makes my life easier which I appreciate it very much :)!


Thank you for such great work. It’s been a pleasure.


This is what I call world class customer service! Thank you for everything.


Also, wanted to let you know that I have passed your info on to our client… They have been very impressed with the translation services and say they have other work that is outside of what we deal with that they would like to contact you on…


I have received the recording and have submitted it to the client for their approval. I trust that they will be as satisfied as I am impressed with your expeditious delivery of this request.


Thank you for the quick turn-around for this order. I’ve appreciated the work you have done for us so far, and look forward to working with you in the future.


Wow…that was super fast- you are amazing! Thank you so much, it sounds great!


Thank you for both the French and Latvian recordings. Please know that I genuinely appreciate your attention to detail and customer-centric concern, which makes my job of satisfying my clients a lot easier.


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