World Translation Center is a leading provider of language translation and voice recording services using professionals located around the world.

Farsi Audio and Video Translation Services

World Translation Center can translate any Farsi audio or video script into over 150 languages or from any language into Farsi, at competitive rates.

People speak differently than they write; most languages also use a different style for written text as compared to the spoken text. It is important to use translators who have that video experience. World Translation Center uses experienced Farsi audio and video translators who are familiar with audio recordings and who will make your project sound as if it originated in the selected language. An additional consideration is that languages use a different number of words to convey the same meaning; some languages use nearly 25% more words than English. Our Farsi audio and video translators understand the importance of keeping the translated text as short or as long as the original so that it can easily be recorded in the time available.

If there are several characters on a video, it is also important to use a different style of speaking for each character to make the video and the characters sound interesting and authentic. Our translators are familiar with these differences and can apply different styles to each character if requested.

Translation can be handled directly from a video without further transcribing the content, or we can transcribe the content, create a script and then proceed to translate it.

Sync Points
Instructional videos often have sync points and/or screen text appearing at a certain time in a video. At that same time, the translation needs to match or otherwise be rephrased to match the video so that the new recording can be heard at the same time as sync points or screen text appear.

If you have a PowerPoint presentation with charts and the moderator explains a certain item on that chart, you want him to say it when his laser points to the chart and not one minute later. Audio translators keep such sync points in mind and try to translate them accordingly to make it easier for the adaptation process and for the speaker during the recording.

Among the Farsi audio and video scripts we translate:

World Translation Center uses only professional, human Farsi  translators for all translations. All our translators are native speakers, mostly living in their native country, and only translate into their native language to ensure the highest-quality translation possible. We take quality very seriously and always use tested translators.

World Translation Center supplies America’s leading corporations, legal and financial firms, healthcare professionals, international marketing agencies, governmental organizations, not-for-profits and businesses of all sizes with high quality Farsi audio and video translation services.

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