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World Translation Center provides professional Neutral Spanish translation services for English to Neutral Spanish and Neutral Spanish to English. We can also translate Neutral Spanish to and from over 150 other languages, including all the principal languages of Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East and a number of African languages, at affordable rates.

Our Neutral Spanish professionals have the ability to provide translation for any project you might have, including marketing materials, technical, financial, legal and medical documents, websites and software. Our experienced project managers will match your project with a translator team appropriate for the field of expertise required. Each individual linguist works solely in his or her own mother tongue and within his or her field of expertise guaranteeing not only quality translation, but proper localization at the same time. After each document is translated, it will be edited and proofread by an additional professional translator to ensure highest possible quality.

We also provide transcription, video recording and subtitling services. Should you need to have an existing video dubbed, a commercial narrated or a telephone system recorded, our native Neutral Spanish speakers are available to furnish expert voiceover services.

We pride ourselves in delivering high quality cost-effective services, whether your project is small or large, simple or highly complex.

Paraguay Flag on face of soccer fan
Famous Igazu Waterfall

Paraguay Information

Paraguay is a landlocked country in Central South America between Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina, slightly smaller than the state of California. The indigenous Guaraní were conquered by the Spanish conquistadores in the 16th century. In 1811 it gained independence from Spain as was ruled by a series of dictators until the horrible Paraguayan War (1867 – 1870) that destroyed 60% – 70% of its population. After more autocratic regimes, it finally held its first free democratic elections in 1993.

Paraguayans speak two official languages, Spanish and Guaraní.

Language Facts

Guaraní is still spoken by the majority of the population and half of the rural population is monolingual. This is an exception in the colonized Americas, where most countries shifted primarily towards the European Colonial languages. Guaraní is described as "so copious and elegant that it can compete with the most famous [of languages]." (Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, Tesoro de la lengua guaraní ("The Treasure of the Guaraní Language"), 1639).

General Stroessner (dictator 1954 to 1989), the son of a Bavarian immigrant and his Guaraní-speaking wife, made Guaraní an official language, employed his own espionage network of pyragues and rewarded rural Guaraní-speakers with land for their loyalty. In 1992, under democratically elected leadership, the Constitution made Guaraní equal to Spanish. Even the Book of Mormon has been translated into Guaraní and the former American ambassador James Cason produced a Guaraní folk-song album in 2008!


Guaraní only became a written language relatively recently. Its alphabet is a subset of the Latin script (with "J", "K" and "Y" but not "W"), complemented with two diacritics and six digraphs. Its orthography is largely phonemic, with letter values mostly similar to those of Spanish.

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