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MUSICALITY – by Pat McCann


Several years ago,
Pat McCann used to be on our Irish voice talent roster with his beautiful deep voice and he had several clients who ordered his voice. That was several years ago. Now he has composed beautiful music, which you can enjoy on YouTube. He has shared his story with us:
“I started my musical journey in 1961 when at the age of 19 I took to learning drums. Within a short time, I was part of a semi-pro Dublin showband called “The Statesmen.” We played in all the local halls and ballrooms and I stuck with the band until 1965 when I gave up drumming to concentrate on what we call here the “day job.”
A number of years later I came back to playing in a hotel / cabaret trio band called “Cameo” and continued at that until I retired in 2005. I then took to recording voiceovers from a home studio. In that studio we had a Yamaha keyboard and I spent many hours writing songs and I found that melody lines came easy to me.
But as I was a mere drummer I did have to have my melodies arranged by pianists. Over the past 10 to 11 years I continued writing and still have quite a few pieces to be arranged. What I now have on my YouTube channel are 8 pieces of slow, relaxing music, mainly in waltz time.”
If you type MUSICALITY Pat McCann into your browser, you will find Pat’s YouTube channel or you can just click on