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Using Music to Build
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Our music blog features music from around the world, traditional music, modern music, singer and
instrumental, as well as some interesting facts about the different musicians, countries and cultures.


Tambuco is a Mexican classical percussion quartet. Percussionists Alfred Bringas, Ricardo Gallardo, Miguel Gonzales, and Raul Tudo make up the foursome that founded Tambuco in 1993. Their music combines both traditional and contemporary styles inspired by Mexico’s folk music.

Tambuco incorporates many percussion instruments into their music, including drums, cymbals, bells, xylophones, as well as other rhythm instruments. Since 1993, the group has collected over one hundred different percussion instruments from around the world. Drums like the djun-djun and djembe from West Africa and the goblet shaped drum, the darabuca, that has been played in the Middle East for nearly 3000 years, are only a few of the many instruments that inspire the colorful sounds of Tambuco.

Tambuco has performed on three different continents and many countries. They have received many awards, including having one of their albums, “Ritmicas”, selected as best one of the best CDs of 1997 by Audiophile Audition. Tambuco’s track “Los Muertos Vivos Estan” is featured on the soundtrack for the 2015 James Bond film Spectre, which you can check out above.