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From the first time Takeo Ischi heard a German yodeling song, it was when he was in high school in his native Japan, he was fascinated by it. He went on to study mechanical engineering and during his spare time, he taught himself to play two of the main yodeling instruments, the zither and the hammered dulcimer. Franz Lang, known as German’s Yodelking, was his idol. while listening to Lang’s music he also picked up the mastery of yodeling.

During his half year study in Germany he traveled to Zurich and began singing in a beer hall. People were fascinated listening to a native Japanese yodeler and offered him money for his performances. He also received the opportunity to perform in front of Franz Lang, his idol, considered to be the best Alpine yodeler in the world.

Ischi’s popularity grew even more when Maria Hellwig, a popular folk music performer introduced him on her TV show. He soon received the nickname the “Japanese yodeler.”

Ischi married the native German Henriette and proposed to her in a yodeling song during a concert in Japan. They have five children, all named with German names.

Above is a video of Ischi yodeling to a bunch of chickens.