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Book Translation

World Translation Center’s literary translators have translated a variety of publications from English into European, Asian and South American languages and from those languages into English. Our translation experts are available to translate both fiction and non-fiction works. From novels to short stories and from complex technical manuals to poetry, we assemble a team of experts to ensure a translated work that is true to the original work of the author.

Book Translation

Professional Book Translation Services

We recognize that book translation requires highly specific language skills. The translator must be able to relate the author’s story in a culturally-correct manner while preserving the same flow and ease the author displays, evoking the same emotions in the reader and conveying the same meaning as the original work. Only an expert literary translator working in his or her native language can insure that the book will read as if it originated in that language.

When a book is presented to us for translation, we will review with the author or publisher the cost of translating the book into the target language.  Cost is based on the length of the book, the time table for completion, the target language selected and the complexity of the underlying material. We recognize that other translation companies may quote lower costs.  These lower costs may be derived through heavy reliance upon machine translation or the use of translators who are not working in their native languages; the resulting translation will suffer along with the author’s reputation.

After an arrangement has been established regarding financial matters, World Translation Center will select an experienced team of project managers, literary translators and proofreaders.  The team will be selected to match the expertise needed for the book content. The selected translator will read the book first to get a grasp of the style of the author and to understand the content of the book.  Following that, a test translation of a portion of the book can be submitted for review and approval of the author or publisher. The project managers will supervise every aspect of the translation, will update the author or publisher throughout the process and will be available to answer questions.  In addition, project managers will be available to assist with a second review of the translated work as well as a final layout review.

World Translation Center is a full service translation agency and, as such, is capable of providing foreign language voice talents should you decide to convert your book to an audio book in a foreign language.  Project managers can assist you in selecting the right voice talent or talents for your budget and book content and manage every audio aspect of your book.

World Translation Center has the expertise authors and publishers need to present their work to the global marketplace.

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