World Translation Center is a leading provider of language translation and voice recording services using professionals located around the world.


World Translation Center offers various interpreting services to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you need a conference interpreted simultaneously or a business meeting interpreted consecutively, whether you need somebody to accompany you abroad, or just need somebody to come to your facilities to assist you on-site, we have the right interpreter in our team for your needs.


Professional Interpretation Services

World Translation Center uses only professional interpreters with many years of experience. All our interpreters are fully bilingual speakers. We take quality very seriously and will provide you with premium service. Call us today; we can assist you with your next conference or meeting.

World Translation Center supplies America’s leading corporations, legal and financial firms, healthcare professionals, international marketing agencies, governmental organizations, not-for-profits and businesses of all sizes with high quality interpretation services.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpreters require a soundproof booth set up with special equipment to allow them to hear the speaker directly through their headset. This booth is hidden from the view of the conference participants. The interpreters listen and translate at the same time into a microphone, which is transmitted to the audience wearing the receivers. Simultaneous interpretation is very strenuous and conferences require two interpreters who can rotate the translation duties.

Consecutive Interpretation

A consecutive interpretation is normally done through a microphone and often on stage. The interpreter is close to the speaker and begins the interpretation after the speaker stops speaking. The speaker resumes his speech after the interpreter has finished the translation.

This form of interpretation can also be performed in a smaller group of people where the interpreter translates to and from his/her native language.

Whispered Interpretation (also known as Chuchotage)

It is normally used in small groups where the interpreter simultaneously whispers the translation into the ear of the neighboring person. This form of interpretation is only recommended for a small group of people as whispering can disrupt or annoy other listeners.

Business Interpretation

A consecutive interpreter joins a business meeting and interprets from and into the native language. Such meetings often involve lunches and dinners and sometimes travel.

On-Site Interpretation

On-Site Interpretation can involve a business meeting as described above, or ad hoc testing of a software program, help with editing a video, translating a walk through of a manufacturing plant, or similar projects.

Telephone Interpretation

A variety of translators are available of various nationalities who can help interpreting during a conference call.

Medical Interpretation

Medical translators are available to go to hospitals and help facilitate communication between doctors, patients and family members.

Court Interpretation

Court interpreters interpret for people who come before the courts who cannot communicate effectively in the language of the country where the trial is held. These include defendants and witnesses as well as litigants in all kinds of courts. Interpreters also translate meetings of attorneys and clients, depositions, witness preparation sessions, and interviews with court support personnel.

Accompanying Travels

Often, people traveling abroad to a country where they don’t speak the language request a person to accompany them to help with all arrangements in-country, restaurants, meetings etc. this can be an interpreter who travels with the client to that country or who meet the client at the airport in the country.

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