World Translation Center is a leading provider of language translation and voice recording services using professionals located around the world.

Medical Translation

World Translation Center offers top-quality services in the field of medical and pharmaceutical translation.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

World Translation Center is a professional language service translation company with expertise in localizing medical, medical equipment and pharmaceutical projects. We work with professional translators qualified in the medical and pharmaceutical field who translate only into their native language and who comply with the established localization procedure. This ensures that your translated documents are accurate and easy to understand.

Medical Translation Example
We understand that a wrongly translated document can influence patients’ lives severely, that is why World Translation Center puts great emphasis on the quality and accuracy of our medical and pharmaceutical translations.

An experienced team of project managers, medical translators and desktop publishers will handle your document with expertise and will ensure glossary consistency so that the result is an accurate translation of the highest quality. We have the expertise you need to comply on a global scale in an increasingly regulated and competitive world.

World Translation Center has translated and dubbed medical and pharmaceutical videos introducing new products to global markets, translated material to recruit patients for clinical trials and subtitled medical videos and blogs. These translations and videos have covered a wide range of projects for clients in a number of medical-related fields.

Desktop Publishing

Our publishing specialists know all the ins and outs of all the major software products like InDesign, QuarkExpress, Freehand etc. and work on both IBM-compatible PCs as well as Apple Macintosh computers. Priority is always given to the compatibility of the various character sets, fonts, text and graphics designs and making sure that formatted files are compatible with the various operating systems on the market.
World Translation Center has extensive experience in the localization of medical and pharmaceutical projects as well as the capacity to translate documents such as:

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