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Medical Localization

Localization Procedure

  1. Processing, Translation, Review and Back Translation
  2. Incorporation of client changes, formatting and final review

A project manager will review the material for translation, format it accurately, assign the translation team, confirm the deadline and communicate with the client.

A professional medical linguist performs the initial localization of the text into the requested language.

Second review
A second professional linguist then reviews the translation for spelling, grammar, syntax, etc.
using track changes and returns it to the original translator. A possible dialog opens up between the two linguists and, if necessary, a third linguist will be consulted to resolve any linguistic or medical questions.

Back Translation
Oftentimes, a back translation of the translated file into the original language is requested. This enables the client to cross check the back translation against the original translation to make sure that the translation is as accurate as possible even if the client does not understand the translated language. A back translation is always performed by a third linguist.

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Incorporation of client changes
The client might select to make some preferential changes. Such changes will be reviewed by one of the original linguists involved in the project and a tracked version with explanations of why changes were not accepted or a clean version with the changes accepted will be returned to the client.

The final approved text will be formatted according to the client’s specification and source text.

Final Review of layout file
A PDF version of the layout file will be sent to the linguist to verify that the layout file matches the approved document verbatim. Corrections will be implemented and a new PDF files sent to verify accuracy. The client will then receive a final high-resolution print-ready version with a Certificate of Accuracy.

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