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Medical Video Translation

Medical Video and Audio Translation

There are two ways to process a medical video:

  1. Voice over recording
  2. Subtitling

1. Special care must be given to a voice-over as translated text may not be altered once it has been approved. Translated scripts vary substantially in length to the original script. Normally, a video script is adapted/shortened prior to the recording session so that the new audio can be time-synced to the original. However, since scripts for medical videos are normally approved by a client or a regulatory committee in the country, shortening is not an option. Recording must be done of the full script and the video afterwards needs to be expanded to create a new language version.

World Translation Center has installed a Pronunciation Hotline for clients to record words that might be difficult to pronounce or where various pronunciation options exist.

Clients are welcome to coach the speaker during any recording session.

2. Videos can be subtitled for any software. The main formats are:

Xml, srt, son, fab and Adobe.

World Translation Center handles transcription of patient interviews, testimonials or other audio files. Time codes can be added to each paragraph or sentence so that the client can easily locate a sound bite and integrate it into a new video.

We can transcribe the audio into the original language or translate directly into the requested target language.

Examples of projects for which we have provided translation or foreign language recording services include:

Crohn’s Disease
Dupuytren’s Disease
Male Constipation
Opioid-Induced Constipation
Ovarian Cancer
Oxidized Cellulose
Pain medication-induced Constipation
Pediatric Anemia
Post-stroke Spasticity
Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Type 2 Diabetes
UTI and AP

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