World Translation Center is a leading provider of language translation and voice recording services using professionals located around the world.


Authoring Audio Tracks or Subtitle Files

World Translation Center can author any Beta, DVD or CD by adding new audio tracks or subtitle files to them. New main pages can be created with a language selection menu.

DVD authoring is the process of taking the video files and organizing them together with menus, links and buttons to allow a user to interactively navigate to the desired portions of the DVD and view them. Another part of authoring is the process of importing and organizing the different language audios and different language screen texts so an individual can watch any one particular track in any one language. This requires a different button for every track, in every language and a method of returning to the selection menu if a selection mistake is made or a viewing has reached the end.

Conversion to Pal/NTSC
Depending on the target country, videos or DVDs can be converted to PAL or NTSC.

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